VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework- Deployment of Cloud Infrastructure for Azure VMware Solution

Deploying VMware Cloud Infrastructure

Build Pillar Review

The Build Pillar addresses concerns and processes for deploying and configuring a VMware Cloud solution aligned to the information gathered by activities performed in the Plan Pillar. This includes considerations for deploying the VMware Cloud SDDC and related activities necessary to prepare to host workloads. Build Pillar domains are:

  • Deploying VMware Cloud Infrastructure
  • Configuring identity and access management services
  • Recommended practices for embracing automation of infrastructure, workloads, and security services
  • Configuring backup and disaster recovering services
  • Recommended practices for driving sustainability and carbon reduction

This document addresses the Deploying VMware Cloud Infrastructure domain.

Deployment Pre-requisites

Prior to deploying a VMware Cloud SDDC, it is assumed that key information has been gathered from Plan Pillar discussions, including:

  • One or more use cases for VMware Cloud have been identified
  • If applications are to be migrated, a full understanding of application SLAs/SLOs, hardware requirements, performance requirements, network requirements, business continuity and disaster recover requirements, and external dependencies has been gathered, documented, and reviewed with key stakeholders
  • Use case requirements have been aggregated to determine the appropriate initial VMware Cloud infrastructure footprint, including target deployment location(s), quantity of clusters per location, quantity of nodes per cluster, and node type per cluster (where applicable).
  • A high-level networking and connectivity plan has been developed, including identifying IP addressing requirements for VMware Cloud SDDC components, new workload segments, and any additional supporting infrastructure components.

Preparing a Public Cloud Landing Zone

Prior to deploying a VMware Cloud SDDC in a public cloud provider, a minimum set of platform resources must be present. Requirements and recommendations for an initial landing zone will vary by cloud provider.


Deploying the VMware Cloud SDDC

The process for provisioning a VMware Cloud SDDC will vary by VMware Cloud solution, but the high-level steps are:

  1. Identify or create the public cloud provider account (Azure) that will host VMware Cloud infrastructure.
  2. If applicable for your selected public cloud provider, perform any VMware Cloud solution prerequisites such as requesting host quota or enabling APIs / resource providers.
  3. Deploy the initial VMware Cloud SDDC and first cluster. Assign the cluster sizing and IP addressing developed in the Plan Pillar.

Validating VMware Cloud SDDC Deployment

After deploying the VMware Cloud SDDC, access vCenter to confirm operations. The process to do this will vary by VMware Cloud solution.

Connecting On-premises Resources to VMware Cloud Infrasturcture

Next, configure connectivity between the on-premises data center and the VMware Cloud SDDC based on the networking and connectivity plan developed in the Plan Pillar. Depending on requirements and availability, this may be a site-to-site VPN or a dedicated private connection.



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