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VMware Site Recovery Manager for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is an add-on service that customers can purchase to deploy VMware SRM on OCVS VMware SDDC. This allows customers to build a DR infrastructure on OCVS and help them orchestrate the failover and failback of virtual machine between the on-premises and OCVS environment.

The advantages of having an OCVS environment as the DR site are the following-

  1. Scale and agility of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, OCVS is a native Oracle Cloud Service and is available across 41 OCI regions. Customers can choose a DR site from one of these 41 OCI regions that meet the business objectives. In addition to that, customers can build a DR infrastructure with minimum commitment and scale the SDDC resources on demand. Customers also have access to OCI-reserved instances, which can be reserved for the future at a lower cost to meet the DR environment's needs.
  2. Low-Cost Storage Options, OCVS VMware SDDC environment comes with vSAN Storage backed by locally attached NVMe disks. If you want to extend VMware SDDC storage resources, you can either add additional ESXi hosts or go with low-cost storage-only options such as OCI File Storage Service and OCI Block Storage Service.
  3. Protect the HPC compute workload, Customers can deploy OCVS VMware SDDC with 4 different compute shapes, such as Intel X7 (52 OCPU, 768 GB RAM) and AMD EPYC (32/64/128 OCPU with 2 TB RAM). This allows customers to run various workloads on OCVS VMware SDDC instances, Including High Performing Compute (HPC) workloads such as streaming, AI/ML, and big data that require compute-intensive resources.

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Summary and Considerations

Use Case

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) provides policy-based management, minimizes downtime in case of disasters via automated orchestration, and enables non-disruptive testing of your disaster recovery plans.


  • OCI FastConnect connectivity between the protected site and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.
  • DNS resolution between protected site and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager Appliance on protected site and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.
  • VMware vSphere Replication Appliance on protected site and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.
  • Minimum supported version:
  • VMware SRM – 8.3.x or above
  • VMware vSphere Replication – 8.3.x or above

General Considerations/Recommendations

Topologies supported-

  • On-Prem to OCVS, Protect the VMware workloads deployed at the on-premises site on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. The Protected site is an on-premises data center, and the recovery site is OCVS VMware SDDC.
  • OCVS to OCVS, Protect OCVS VMware SDDC instance on another OCVS VMware SDDC instance within the same OCI region or across different OCI regions.
  • Hub Site, Shared single recovery site on OCVS to protect multiple sites.
  • One-to-many and many-to-one are supported on OCVS
  • Custom SRM Extension ID is supported.
  • Only vSphere Replication is supported.

Performance Considerations

  • OCI FastConnect supports bandwidth from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. There are three FastConnect options to choose from Oracle Provider, Third-Party Provider, and Colocation.
  • Configure RPO and RTO of each VMs depending upon the business need.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient network bandwidth configured meet the RTO objectives

Network Considerations/Recommendations

Ensure appropriate network ports are open for SRM and vSphere Replication.

Cost Implications

  • The Site Recovery Manager for Hyperscaler SKU is sold in packs of 25 VMs for 1- and 3-year term by VMware and VMware partners.
  • Check out OCI Pricing Calculator for OCVS VMware SDDC and Network Ingress/Egress pricing. The first 10 TB egress traffic is free with OCI FastConnect.
  • Uniform pricing across all the OCI regions.

Document Reference

Oracle Cloud Solution Playbook - Protect your VMware SDDC in the cloud against disasters

VMware Docs - Setting Up Site Recovery Manager on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

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