February 09, 2023

What's new in VMware Cloud Flex Storage

VMware Cloud Flex Storage™ offers a new approach to help better align your cloud resources with the needs of your applications and data. With this scalable, elastic and natively integrated storage service for VMware Cloud™ on AWS, fully managed by VMware, you can flexibility scale storage and compute independently of each other and pay only for the resources you use.

VMware Cloud Flex Storage offers a simple pay-per-utilized GiB consumption model. You can buy a subscription, or pay on demand. With this model, you can scale storage at a low cost without adding hosts, which reduces your overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

The initial release of VMware Cloud Flex Storage provides NFS datastores for workloads that do not require VMware vSAN performance for mission critical or consistent low latency storage requirements. You can independently provision and scale storage capacity external to VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC hosts, up to ~400 TiB of logical/usable capacity.


New Region Support

VMware Cloud Flex Storage availability has been extended to the Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore, and Tokyo Asia Pacific AWS regions. In total, 17 regions are now supported. The full and current list of supported regions can be found here.

Expanded File Systems per Region

Today VMware Cloud Flex Storage now supports up to 6 file systems per region. Customers can now grow their VMware Cloud Flex Storage usage within a region, as the data needs of that region grow.

Compatibility Improvements with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

VMware Cloud DR and VMware Cloud Flex Storage are now compatible, and you can have both services in the same organization as long as the deployments are in different regions.

For more information see the release notes for this release, or visit the Cloud Flex Storage Product Page.



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