Webinar series: Cloud conversations - Unlocking the power of latest innovations in VMware Cloud on AWS

June 30, 2023

We are delighted to invite you to a series of upcoming webinars that will provide valuable insights and updates on VMware Cloud on AWS. These webinars are designed to enhance your understanding of the latest features and capabilities, optimize your cloud migration, and ensure the security and reliability of your infrastructure.

You have the flexibility to join one or multiple events, depending on your interests and needs. Each webinar is tailored to address specific aspects of VMware Cloud on AWS, offering unique perspectives and actionable information.

What's New in VMC on AWS:

Unleash the Power of Innovation in the Cloud
July 25th | 12 pm EST | 9 am PST

Join us as we explore the latest key feature capabilities in VMware Cloud on AWS. Every quarter, we release new features and enhancements to accelerate your migration initiatives and enhance your customer experience. Discover how these advancements can empower your business and maximize the benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS.

Total Economic Impact of VMC on AWS:

Unlock Cost Savings and Accelerate Your Cloud Journey
July 25th |1 pm EST | 10 am PST

Curious about the cost-effectiveness of cloud migration? In this session, VMware experts will demonstrate how you can achieve lower migration costs and improve your cloud ROI with VMware Cloud. Learn how to mitigate risks, reduce expenses, and expedite your adoption of the cloud using VMware Cloud on AWS. We will also introduce the VMC on AWS total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator to help you unlock significant savings.

VMware Disaster Recovery with Ransomware Recovery as a Service Updates:

Safeguard Your Data, Defend Against Ransomware
July 26th | 12 pm EST | 9 am PST

Data protection and recovery are paramount in today's digital landscape. Join us to discover the latest updates on VMware's Disaster Recovery as a Service with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery and Ransomware Recovery. Explore how this fully managed, SaaS-based solution ensures the safety of your data, minimizes downtime, and reduces costs. We will discuss optimized disaster recovery (DR) strategies and how our Isolated Recovery Environment (IRE) leverages live behavioral analysis to combat modern ransomware threats.

Future proof your VMC on AWS SDDC with IPv6:

Embrace the Future of Networking in the Cloud
July 26th |1 pm EST | 10 am PST

Stay ahead of the curve by future-proofing your VMware Cloud on AWS Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) with IPv6. During this session, we will delve into recent network updates, including the initial support for IPv6. Gain insights into why IPv6 may be crucial for your business and understand how it works within the VMC on AWS environment. Our experts will provide a comprehensive overview, demonstrate the capability, and guide you through the necessary adjustments to enable this feature.

Adding External Storage to VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC:

Scale Up, Level UP – Elevate Your Cloud Infrastructure
July 27th | 12 pm EST | 9 am PST

Unlock new possibilities and enhance scalability with enterprise-grade external storage for your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs. In this webinar, we will explore the latest use cases enabled by this feature and discuss the considerations involved in adding external storage to your infrastructure. Discover how this enhancement can help you optimize performance, achieve cost savings, and elevate your VMware Cloud on AWS experience.

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