VMC on Dell - Configuring DNS and LDAP Authentication Services

June 09, 2022

I'm in the process of setting up my lab environment for some new VMC on Dell demos. 

If you haven't heard yet, VMC on Dell is a fully managed cloud infrastructure for your private datacenter. With VMC on Dell you can login to the VMware Cloud portal and order an entire rack of compute, storage, and networking. That rack is then built offsite and is configured with VMware Cloud software. We then have the fully configured rack delivered to your private datacenter or colocation facility. From there you simply add or migrate your business application VMs. All of the hardware and software within the rack is fully managed by VMware and Dell.

One of the first configuration items in my VMC on Dell lab is to setup Active Directory LDAP authentication so that I can support multiple users or groups to manage the application VMs.

By default when you purchase VMC on Dell you only get one login user, CloudAdmin@vmc.local.


This single login works great for getting things setup initially, but if you want to use this as highly secure business infrastructure, we need to be able to log all user activity and control administrative access, and sharing a single CloudAdmin login is not going to pass a security audit. 

To see how to setup local LDAP authentication for VMC on Dell, check out this quick click through demo. I'll walk you through the logical overview of how DNS and LDAP work for this environment and you can see how easy it is to connect local LDAP in a VMC on Dell environment. In the demo, I will also walk through the importance of configuring a prerequisite, DNS. As without DNS, we all know things don't work well.

Check out the demo link below, and check back here often for more demos on how to setup and use VMC on Dell in your datacenter.

Note, once you click on the link below, click on the pop out button for the best experience.

Demo link https://via.vmw.com/tchzvmcno2622


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