Technical VMware Cloud on AWS Sessions at VMware Explore 2023

July 21, 2023

VMware Explore 2023 in Las Vegas is but a month away! We look forward to seeing customers and partners joining us at The Venetian Convention and Expo Center. VMware Cloud on AWS, and the broader VMware Cloud teams, are well represented. Whether you are new to VMware Cloud on AWS or a seasoned user, we'll have great content to show and opportunities to connect!

VMware Explore 2023

Tutorial and Breakout Sessions

There are many great sessions, ranging from business to deep technical levels. A couple of technical sessions I wanted to highlight are listed below. Register for your seat, as sessions and available seats tend to fill up!

Easy Migrations and Expansions into VMware Cloud on AWS [CEIT2555LV]
Level: Technical 300
Abstract: Join us in this largely demo-led tutorial session. We will take a closer look into architecting for cloud migration. How do you plan and design for workload migrations into VMware Cloud on AWS? What are the considerations to take into account? We'll show you how to get started on sizing and migration plans to extend your data center into VMware Cloud on AWS. This talk helps to execute successful workload migrations, demoing multiple options to assist with migrating from any VMware vSphere environment into VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Deep Dive into Architecture and Design [CEIB2558LV]
Level: Technical 200
Abstract: This session details the latest technical innovations in our flagship cloud product: VMware Cloud on AWS. We'll dive deeper into this service, explaining the latest architecture enhancements. We'll expand on storage and networking updates before digging into elasticity with Elastic DRS and availability features and take a glimpse into how things are under the hood for lifecycle management! We'll leave you with new insights on tooling to help you to efficiently size for VMware Cloud on AWS.

Power of Integration: Leverage AWS Native Services with VMware Cloud on AWS [CEIB2531LV]
Level: Technical 200
Abstract: What if you could go beyond just extending your VMware environment to AWS? What if you could integrate VMware Cloud on AWS with AWS native services to improve your cloud performance, reduce costs, and unlock even more value? In this session, we will dive deep into the technical aspects of integration with AWS native services, typical design patterns and benefits with real-world examples, and success stories of organizations that have leveraged VMware Cloud on AWS to achieve their business objectives. Join us to learn how you can unlock the next era of cloud computing with VMware Cloud on AWS and AWS native services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and Amazon DynamoDB.

Unlocking NSX+, Multi-Tenancy, Security and Disaster Recovery for VMware Cloud on AWS [NSCB1388LV]
Level: Technical 100
Abstract: This introductory level session will introduce NSX+ for policy management and consistency between on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS environments. The concept of multi-tenancy within VMware Cloud on AWS from a networking perspective will be explored with key features such as Multiple Compute Gateways (MCGW), route aggregation and filtering as well as Managed Prefix Lists being reviewed and put into context for the multi-tenancy use case. NSX Security in VMware Cloud on AWS will be reviewed including the NSX gateway firewall, NSX Distributed Firewall and the Advanced Firewall feature set. NSX Advanced Load Balancer will be introduced into the SDDC’s topology and common use cases will be reviewed. This session will also discuss using VMware Cloud on AWS as a disaster recovery site for on-premises resources. Cleveland Clinic will review their topology and use case for SDDC Multi-Edge and how it helps facilitate their recovery.  


Meet The Expert Sessions

Meet the Expert (MTE) roundtable sessions are popular at VMware Explore, as it allows customers and partners to sit down with VMware Experts in a small setting. Just a table for 10-15 folks, a whiteboard, and great discussions. The perfect opportunity to ask, or to give feedback. Check out all the MTE roundtables covering VMware Cloud on AWS using this link.

The following MTE roundtable will be myself and colleagues talking about VMware Cloud on AWS:

Ask Us Anything Technical About VMware Cloud on AWS [CEIM2556LV]
Level: Technical 200
Abstract: Get answers and insights on VMware Cloud on AWS technologies.


Hands-On Labs

The famous VMware Hands-On Labs (HOL) are an integral part of VMware Explore, allowing customers and partners a quick and easy way to access VMware products and solutions, test use cases, and learn about the latest features with no installation required. There are several Hands-on Labs Expert-led Workshops, check out this one covering VMware Cloud on AWS:

Explore the New Advanced Features in VMware Cloud on AWS [ELW-HOL-2484-01-HBD]
Have you mastered the fundamentals content and want to get hands-on experience with top-notch and advanced VMware Cloud on AWS features? In this lab, we give you a unique opportunity to play around the latest version of our VMware Cloud on AWS Software Defined Data Center and guide you through some of the advanced new features available in our enterprise-grade cloud solution. After completing this lab, you should have a stronger understanding about how your SDDC works in the background with simple configurations to keep the best compute performance, learn about flexibility and high-performance for your storage and experience with very popular services available in our broad catalog.

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