VMware Well-Architected Framework - Automation of Infra, Workload, and Security Services for VMware Cloud on AWS

Automation for VMware Cloud on AWS

Operations on VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure and resources can be automated by leveraging the VMware Cloud on AWS APIs. The VMware Cloud on AWS REST APIs are built on standard web protocols, HTTP and HTTPS, and network ports, 80 and 443 respectively. APIs can be programmatically called with any programming language or API platform.

To use VMware Cloud on AWS APIs, an API token must be generated from a VMware Cloud Services account to programmatically call the APIs. For more details on authentication and authorization of VMware Cloud on AWS API programming, please refer to the official VMware developer documentation at https://developer.vmware.com/apis/vmc/latest/

One of the easiest ways to automate the management of the VMware Cloud on AWS Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) infrastructure is to use PowerCLI. PowerCLI is a command-line interface tool based on PowerShell, specifically built to interact with VMware products. PowerCLI commands are executed in Windows PowerShell. The PowerCLI cmdlets use APIs under the covers to perform desired management and operational activities. Therefore, any operations you can complete with VMware Cloud on AWS APIs can generally also be done using PowerCLI cmdlets.

To automate the deployment and management of workloads that reside in the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC, organizations can leverage VMware vRealize Automation. The VMware Cloud on AWS environment is added as a cloud account in VMware vRealize Automation. Then with appropriate vRealize Automation configurations, workloads can be deployed to the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC from VMware vRealize Automation templates. VMware vRealize Automation can also perform day 2 actions to the workloads, such as adding storage or creating snapshots. Security components, such as NSX-T distributed firewall rules and security groups, can be created using VMware vRealize Automation templates as well.

Leveraging automation can help organizations consume VMware Cloud on AWS at an even faster rate and accelerate their cloud adoption journey.


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