VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework- Secure Pillar – Conclusion for Azure VMware Solution


Security is a broad topic that impacts all parts of an organization, and is often best treated as a process that everyone participates in. Security is a source of tension in an organization, between the need to move forward with new work and techniques, and the need to pass compliance audits which verify the security controls in place.

Organizations that have traditional on-premises deployments have to rethink how they operate in the public cloud, as the public cloud is significantly different. This is where VMware Cloud offerings shine, as they bring the elasticity and options of the public cloud, but in a way that operates just like traditional VMware environments. This familiarity makes it easy to maintain operations, compliance certifications, and security while your organization grows. Hopefully this guide has helped you consider changes to your architectures and methods to embrace these new models, giving your organization more options while making it more resilient to incidents, small or large.


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