VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework: Deploying VMware Cloud for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Deploying VMware Cloud on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is currently available in over thirty different regions around the world. Pricing is uniform across all regions, and organizations can pay for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution hosts on an hourly, monthly, 1-year, or 3-year commitments.

Choosing an appropriate region to deploy Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is important to ensure that end users can use the service with minimal latency and other potential performance issues. In addition, if the organization is planning to use any native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure servicers, it is important to verify that those resources are available in the selected region. 

Deployment Considerations

Consider the following points and the decisions that should be made prior to deployment of the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC: 

  • An SDDC can be deployed in a non-root compartment to limit the scope of users that have access to it. The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC can be moved to a different compartment after deployment. 
  • Prior to deploying the SDDC, an existing Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) should be created. The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC CIDR should be contained within the VCN CIDR.  
  • The size of the SDDC CIDR will determine the maximum number of hosts that can be deployed to that SDDC. For current CIDR block sizes and their respective SDDC maximums, refer to the following documentation page: 
  • To use VMware HCX for application migration and mobility with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, HCX must be enabled during deployment. HCX cannot be installed once the SDDC is deployed. 
  • An SDDC can be deployed with multiple versions of vSphere, vSAN, and NSX-T which can impact the available features and functionality of the solution. The available versions are described in the following documentation page: 
  • An SSH key pair must be provided. This key will be used to access the vSphere hosts within the SDDC. The key can be changed later. 
  • The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC can be deployed in a single availability domain (AD). Choosing the appropriate AD according to requirements such as availability and access to native services.  

Once the SDDC is deployed organizations can connect their existing on-premises network to the VCN to achieve key use cases, such as data center extension or disaster recovery. Hybrid connectivity options, such as site-to-site VPN or FastConnect, are available.  

Access to NSX-T

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution includes NSX-T, and organizations have direct access to the NSX-T console where they can create overlay subnets for the workloads. To make sure the NSX-T segments are able to route to native services within the VCN an entry needs to be created in the appropriate VCN route table. If VPN or FastConnect are being used an entry needs to be entered in the attached Dynamic Routing Gateway. 

Organizations must ensure that the VCN, SDDC, and workload CIDR ranges do not overlap with any other on-premises environments, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDCs, or interconnected Oracle Cloud Services VCNs. 

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