Site Recovery Use Cases


Though the primary use case of a recovery manager is to perform a recovery of a site in case of disaster, it can also perform additional tasks. For all use cases and situations, VMware Site Recovery supports non-disruptive testing of recovery plans in network and storage isolated environments.

This provides the ability to test disaster recovery, disaster avoidance, or planned migrations as frequently as desired to ensure confidence in the configuration and operation of recovery plans.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery or an unplanned failover is what VMware Site Recovery was specifically designed to accomplish. This is the most critical but least frequently used use case for VMware Site Recovery. Unexpected site failures don’t happen often but when they do a fast recovery is critical to the business. VMware Site Recovery can help in this situation by automating and orchestrating the recovery of critical business systems for partial or full site failures ensuring the fastest RTO.

Disaster Avoidance

Preventive failover is another common use case for VMware Site Recovery. This can be anything from an oncoming storm to the threat of power issues.VMware Site Recovery allows for the graceful shutdown of virtual machines at the protected site, full replication of data, and ordered start up of virtual machines and applications at the recovery site ensuring app-consistency and zero data loss.

Upgrade Patch and Testing

The VMware Site Recovery test environment provides a perfect location for conducting an operating system and application upgrade and patch testing. Test environments are complete copies of production environments configured in an isolated network segment which ensures that testing is as realistic as possible while at the same time not impacting production workloads or replication.


VMware Site Recovery can be used in a number of different failover scenarios depending on customer requirements, constraints, and objectives. All these arrangements are supported and easily configured.

  • Active-Active
  • Active-Passive
  • Bi-directional

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