December 16, 2022

DNS Services Part of Google Cloud VMware Engine

Learn how to integrate DNS services on Google Cloud VMware Engine with your enterprise directory services.

It's tough to run a global enterprise without reliable and easy to manage directory services. Fortunately, when you deploy a new private cloud on Google Cloud VMware Engine, a pair of DNS servers are automatically provisioned as part of the infrastructure. Forget about remembering IP addresses and focus on more important things!

Name Resolution from Anywhere

If you're using VMware Engine as an extension of your own data center or as part of a larger multi-cloud initiative, you'll likely have existing DNS infrastructure - based on something like Active Directory or BIND - and you can easily integrate your environments to ensure name resolution works from the cloud and from on-premises data centers.

Each private cloud on VMware Engine can have a DNS profile attached to it that allows conditional forwarding to external name services based on domains and subdomains. This will enable use cases such as Active Directory authentication, workload migration, or disaster recovery.

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For external clients, especially administrators that require access to VMware Engine, you can configure your existing DNS service to conditionally forward queries for the domain to the integrated DNS servers running in the private cloud. This enables name resolution for VMware vCenter and VMware NSX management interfaces.

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Important note: Be sure to verify the actual IP addresses of your particular private cloud DNS servers because PCs deployed after November 2022 use an addressing scheme known as IP Plan 2.0.


If you set up these forwarding conditions on both ends, you will have seamless name resolution to and from the Google Cloud VMware Engine environment. To see more, take a look at this short technical demo that shows how to do it:


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